Thank you so much for the interest! If you cannot afford my prices but would like to support me, feel free to spread this around or drop me a ko-fi!

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Discord: Mabel#3745 - Telegram: @thepancakewitch - Twitter: @thepancakewitch

Terms of Service

I am not going to draw anything I feel uncomfortable with executing or seeing in general. No sexualized minors. No gore. I do not do adult/18+ commissions.

Basic English is required to communicate with me so we can create a product you want!

I will give you the utmost respect, so I demand the same. I will not allow you to be my patron if you are transphobic/racist/xenophobic/homophobic/ableist; no nazis/alt-right; no truscum/terfs. Do not flirt with me, I am married and aroace, I’m not interested.

Legalese - I retain the right to my art unless we have made a contract stating otherwise. You may not commercially sell or redistribute my art. You may not alter it for the sake of commercial purposes.
If you are a business or looking to sell art, we will need to go into more detail and create a contract. If this is personal, we can discuss printing. Do not print my art without asking my permission. This applies to on demand printing as well.


If it’s found as an NFT it is stolen, please DM me.

Breaking these TOS will result in refusal of further services.

Process & Completion Time

I am disabled, I cannot put a time limit on myself. I cannot predict which days will need to be given to resting. If you choose to work with me and have a time sensitive deadline, please consider giving me at least a month or two. This seems to be the general time frame I work at.

I will be in contact with you throughout the process and send update photos! You can critique the work during all phases, but please note, I cannot rebuild the piece or make major alterations once the line art is done. I cannot move forward without your approval!

Should you want a major change after the line art is done, it will cost more money to redo the line art. Make sure you’re happy with each stage!

By commissioning me, you agree to all of the above.

No Contact Wall

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Paypal Only!

All pieces above 50% require a hold - Pay half now, the other half is due upon completion. Feel free to pay in full ahead of time.

Invoices & original PSDs will be sent after payment is complete.

Tips aren’t necessary but very much appreciated!! ^v^



Doodlies are fun little Mabel scribbles.

Black and White - 10$

A simple, clean line art piece.

Shiney Doodlies - 50$

A flat colored and cleaned up piece.


A fully rendered piece with background.

Sketches - 75$+

Loosely rendered pieces, prices vary on desired elements, ie: shading, backgrounds, etc.

Character Reference Sheets - 300$

A turn around of a character, usually front & back. Price varies depending on what features you would like to showcase on the side, ie anatomy/weapons/clothing.

Paintings - 500$+

A fully rendered piece with one character and a background. Price varies on complexity of the piece.

PNG Tuber - 300$

2 fully rendered images for PNGtubing; one frame still, one frame talking.


Don’t see what you want listed here? Feel free to talk with me about pricing. My rate starts at 20$ an hour.

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