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Mabel Syrup is from the Blackwoods Swamp. She lives peacefully with her pet icky sticky mander, Biscuit, where the two create curses and hexes to put on others. They frolic all day and delight in creating mischief.

In real life, Ashley is a cook, gardener and volunteer for the local LARP group. She is a big community player and loves seeing her peers succeed. Ashley spends a lot of her time managing her many disorders: PTSD, Bipolar II, Autism, ADHD, PMDD, IBS, substance use disorder, & Hidradenitis Suppurativa.
Ashley loves her family, friends, her community and native Florida. She wants to share the beauty of her hometown to others and hope they can see what makes untouched Florida so magical. Fae grew up deep in the woods of the Ocala National Forest, born out of a lily pad that her dad stumbled upon. Her mother is from the land of butterflies, thus creating the weird amalgamation that Ashley has become. She was raised among the white tailed deer and catfish; adjusting to civilization has been a challenge, but she has been slowly winning that uphill battle thanks to her family and friends.

Hyperfixations: 70's, 80's, 90's, Nostalgia, 2000's webcore, Naruto, Planet Zoo, Animal Crossing, Dorohedoro, unicorns, Pokemon, dragons, zoology, botany, lepidopatry, game design, puppetry, erotica, horror, Neopets.

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