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Falling Sun
Once Upon A time,there was an Castel With A Terrible Spell Upon It.But, The People didn't bother.Until one day
Eldora The Dark Farie, Unleashed its True Curse.
Eldora Took The Orb.Then Put It In A Spell To be Dark Forever until she died.20 years later it was hers.Scrany People Were whiped & Whiped Again,and again.Then A
Diamond was born on Planet Herra.Also There was a girl that was born also.With the sighn of the beast.
She could transform into a wolf.Only Certain people where chosen to have this sighn by god.For the good of every one,she was sent off into the Falling Sun.

*****The Story*****
13 Years Later..............
"The Princess Uriko is everiving very soon"
Said A guard. "Here She is!"replied the 2nd guard. Gggggrrrrrr...Went Diamond "Please Let Me in My Planet"asked The Princess Politly."Yes Mam"replied the guards.
When She Looked In.She saw the most Beautiful Area In Life.She rode across Her
Flying Dragon Diamond."I See My Waterfall!"She said in excitment. She went closer but,it was blocked Off."Let me off here Diamond"She wipsered.As She Started to walk over there where guards standing by it.More and More,it became visbal.There
Was A Grave Mark By it.She Ran Over There."Queen Herra"the stone said.
On The Bottom it said"If The Wind Makes the Sun Bow.It Shall Never. Killed In
A Fight With *EMBASSA*."Uriko Satred At It For A Moment. Then Left Roding Into The Sunset.But,All Left There Was A Orchid,And A Piece Of The Planet's Crystal.And So That Is How The Rage Becan.

While Riding Back To The Castel After Going To Her Mother's Garden.
She Someone With A Sword Flying.
Is That Possible?No It Can't.
So She Follwed Him.There She Poked Her Into The Window.He Had Purple Hair.But Wasn't His Hair Yellow At The Time?Huh.She Knocked On The Door.*Knock*Knock*Knock*.The Door Opened."Hello"said the Purple Haired Swordsman."Um,I Was Checking On All The villagers.Hello I'm The Princess Uriko!Pleasure To Meet You."Said Uriko Blushing.
"Are You One Of The TeenageTricker-Treater?Because Its Not Even Halloween."He Asked.
"Now You Listen Here!"She Angerly "I'm Not In A Costume!And I Am The Princess.Look!"She Shined The Crystal In His Face.She Waved It Around At Him."O.K. ....weird..."He Mumbled To HimSelf. "What Did I Hear O Eggplant Hair."She Snickerd.
She Chuckled Too."You Better Be At My WaterFall Where My Mom's Grave Stone Is,Tonight!Got IT!" She Told Him.
"Are You Asking Me On A Date?By The Way My Name Is Trunks."Trunks Asked. *SLAM!* His Door Was Shut Faster Then A Blink."He Is A DreamBoat Isn't He,Diamond."Uriko Said Calmly. Diamond Gave Her A Funny Look.Then She Went To The Castle. She Relaxed On Her Bed For A While.Then She Found Her Best Oufit.
She Rode On Diamond Over There.
"How About I Put Some Floating Candles On The Water.And A Stonechair Here.All,done!"She huffed.
30 Min.Later..

"WHERE IS HE?"Uriko Screamed.
"Hey!I'm Here!"Trunks Said.
20 Min.Later..
"So Your A SuperSayjin Right Now?"Uriko Asked. Yeah,My Dad was A Sajin Prince.
Uriko was renamed Aruku.XDDD